Episode 48 - Why Osho read over 100,000 books


Today our guest is Kavisho. Kavisho took sannyas in 1978 and was chosen by Osho as his medium during the energy transmission. Later on Kavisho worked as Osho’s personal librarian and nowadays she lives a simple life sharing Osho meditations with interested people.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:


  • How Kavisho came across Osho

  • Kavisho is chosen by Osho to be part of the Energy Darshan experiment

  • How Osho worked on Kavisho’s desires

  • A medium is a hollow bamboo

  • Being left at the bottom of the ocean

  • Learning the art to disappear  

  • Kavisho works at Osho library and has to sort out 100,000 books

  • Kavisho finds Osh’s paintings in the books

  • The journey itself is the goal

  • Why Osho read so many books?

  • Osho was hungry to understand as part of his search

  • Reading books is paying respect to human intelligence

  • Why Kavisho loves Osho’s paintings

  • Kavisho shares Osho meditations in France

  • Kavisho's morning routine

  • Kavisho's favourite meditation

  • Kavisho and Osho today



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