Episode 50 - The therapy of the future

Anadi Martel

Today our guest is Anadi Martel. Anadi took sannyas in 1976 and is a physicist who designs sound and light devices used by many organisations including NASA. Anadi has been president of the International Light Association for 7 years and is the creator of the Sensora system.  

I think you’re going to really enjoy this episode, and as always, send your questions to info@loveosho.com or contact Anadi via his website below. Enjoy the show!


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:


  • How Anadi came across Osho

  • Anadi meets Osho at 18 years of age when he was a student of physics

  • Osho advices Anadi to complete the studies and combine science and meditation

  • Anadi has worked since the 80s to develop light and sound devices for therapy and meditation

  • Osho encourages Anadi to pursue his research and said that this type of science had been developed in Atlantis

  • Anadi set up the Austrolarium in Poona to experiment with his techniques and devices

  • Anadi talks about the Kirlian photography

  • Since 2000 there has been a shift in global consciousness in relation to energy medicine

  • Light as a bridge between matter and consciousness

  • Anadi talks about the expansion of light therapy and light medicine

  • Anadi talk about his multi-sensorial devices and programmes called Sensora

  • Anadi talks about his clinical study published in a peer-reviewed journal

  • Light therapy has no side effects, if used properly

  • Anadi talks about blue and red light in relation to the circadian rhythm

  • Anadi’s current projects

  • Anadi's morning routine

  • Anadi's favourite meditation

  • Anadi and Osho today




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