Episode 26 - Osho University

Osho Satya Vedant

Today our guest is Satya Vedant. Satya Vedant holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and an M.A. and PhD., from the University of Baroda, India. Satya Vedant is also an author and has held meditation workshops around the world, including at the United Nations and the Pentagon.      

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  •  How Satya Vedant felt when he first met Osho in 1975

  • Satya Vedant completes his work commitments as Dean of the Institute of Ancient Studies in S. Francisco to finally join Osho in 1979

  • Satya Vedant’s talks the Osho Multiversity during his time as Chancellor

  • Satya Vedants explains Osho’s vision of education

  • Satya Vedant talks about the Osho Chair he helped to establish in Gujarat to make Osho available in the academic environment

  • Sarya Vedant talks about Osho’s relevance today

  • Satya Vedant explains how to be on a spiritual path with Osho even if he is not in the body

  • Satya Vedant talks about Osho today and how it is being received in India by new generations

  • Satya Vedant current and future projects, including translating Osho’s books from Hindi into English and vice-versa  

  • Satya Vedant's morning routine

  • Satya Vedant's favourite meditation

  • Satya Vedant and Osho today




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