Episode 43 - Living like a modern monk


Today our guest is Jayadip. Jayadip took sannyas in 1981 and for the next 20 years he has facilitated and co-created workshops, groups and seminars at the Multiversity in Poona. Jayadip also worked as trekking guide in the Himalayan regions of Tibet and since 2011 he lives in Taiwan where he teaches meditation.

I think you’re going to really enjoy this episode, and as always, send your questions to info@loveosho.com or contact Jayadip via his website below. Enjoy the show!


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:


  • How Jayadip came across Osho

  • Jayadip takes sannyas and joins the commune in Hamburg, Germany before going to India

  • Jayadip talks about the process “Who is in?” and how Osho shaped it

  • Osho’s guidelines for group leaders

  • Jayadip’s journey after Osho left the body

  • Jayadip 7 year-semi-retreat in the Himalaya

  • Living like a modern monk

  • Teaching meditation in the East as a Western guy

  • Jayadip’s current activities

  • Jayadip's morning routine

  • Jayadip's favourite meditation

  • Jayadip and Osho today




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