Episode 39 - Dancing for Osho


Today our guest is Ma Prem Maneesha. Maneesha has been on the path of meditation since 1973. Maneesha is a massage and dance therapist who works through body movement and energy transformation to bring a new dimension of healing.

I think you’re going to really enjoy this episode, and as always, send your questions to info@loveosho.com or contact Maneesha via her website below. Enjoy the show!


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:


  • How Maneesha came across Osho

  • Maneesha lives in the Osho Buddhafield from her early twenties till recently

  • How Maneesha managed the transition back to the real world

  • Osho tells Maneesha: “You will dance for me”

  • Maneesha dances for Osho and Osho tells her: “Dance is your element”

  • Maneesha talks about the alchemy of energy transformation through dance

  • Maneesha creates the Dance Meditation Training

  • Maneesha works with transforming energy through dance

  • Maneesha shares her own personal journey of energy transformation with Osho

  • How Maneesha shares what she learnt from Osho in the work she does

  • Maneesha’s current projects

  • Maneesha's morning routine

  • Maneesha's favourite meditation

  • Maneesha and Osho today




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