Episode 56 - Changing sex to know thyself?


Today our guest is Leeladhar. Leeladhar took sannyas in 1977 and is a former plastic surgeon. Leeladhar obtained the medical licence during his time in Rajeenshpuram, Oregon and then trained as a therapist in Switzerland where he currently lives.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:


  • How Leeladhar came across Osho

  • Osho speaks about Leeladhar’s profession in a public discourse in relation to changing sex

  • Leeladhar helps people change sex as a plastic surgeon in Zurich

  • After taking sannyas Leeladhar realises that plastic surgery is not his path

  • Leeladhar moves to Rajeneeshpuram, Oregon, to work in the medical centre as a doctor

  • Leeladhar talks about “Pythagoras”, the medical centre in Rajeneeshpuram

  • The AIDS crisis of the mid ‘80s

  • Osho answers Leeladhar question in a discourse known as the “misfit lecture”

  • After India Leeladhar goes back to Europe and trains as a psychotherapist

  • Leeladhar talks about his book and present life

  • Leeladhar's morning routine

  • Leeladhar's favourite meditation

  • Leeladhar and Osho today




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