Episode 16 - How to deal with alcoholism

An honest, intelligent, articulate and insightful look in the world of addiction. Vandana shares what she has received from Osho which helped her deal with alcoholism. Be prepared: this is not going to be the conventional set of recommendations to follow. It’s about honouring the individual freedom and living a life on the edge.

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Episode 15 - One Master, many paths

A sincere spiritual seeker since a very young age, Devanshu arrived to Osho in his early twenties and immediately recognised Osho as his Master. Thirsty for personal growth, Devanshu studied deeply numerous meditation practices. Devanshu is a treasure trove of experience in various spiritual traditions but he is always connected to the primary source: Osho.

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Episode 11 - How Osho devised Dynamic and Kundalini

Have you ever wondered how Osho devised Dynamic and Kundalini meditations? Punya is a long-term Osho’s disciple and attended meditation retreats conducted directly by Osho where he was experimenting his meditation techniques before compiling them in the final format we know today. Punya also explains why not to change the meditation music wanted by Osho.

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