online course

Become healthier, happier and more meditative by combining Osho Active Meditation with lifestyle interventions

This meditation course is based on the latest cutting-edge discoveries in the world of neuroscience, epigenetics, meditation, preventative health, nutrition, biohacking and brain fitness combined with my own personal experience over the past 20 years, meditating and experimenting with various lifestyle interventions to optimise my health and wellbeing.  

What you will get:

  • Meditation: learn 9 powerful and effective Osho Active Meditation techniques

  • Wellbeing: discover transformative lifestyle interventions 

  • Education: understand how science, lifestyle and meditation interact 

  • Q&A: receive personal guidance and advice

  • FREE GIFT BONUS valued at £50 with your purchase of the Online Meditation Course: 1h Skype Call

What you will learn: 

  • How Osho Active Meditation acts on 5 levels simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual

  • How to rewire your brain and expand your consciousness  

  • How to reinforce positive habits for long-term change

  • How to activate and tap into your energetic potential

  • How to live a healthy and meditative lifestyle 


This meditation course is structured over 3 modules: 

Meditation for Optimal Health - The Science of Meditation - Meditation for Peak-Performance.

Each module is a stand-alone programme and can be taken separately.