The Science of Meditation

The Science of Meditation


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This module offers you a deep-dive into the latest scientific research on meditation. By understanding the neurochemical changes triggered by meditation, you will be inspired to deepen your practice and you will appreciate why meditation is so beneficial. 

Modules 2 covers aspects of neuroscience and epigenetics. You will learn how to track physiological changes in your body/mind so that you can measure progress and find out what really works for you regardless of what neuroscientists say.

And for each topic, you will learn an Osho Active Meditation.

Neuroscience and Meditation

  • Discover what meditation does to your brain

  • Learn about neuroplasticity and neurogenesis

  • Learn how meditation changes your brain waves activity

  • Osho Kundalini Meditation 

Epigenetics and Meditation

  • Understand how genetics and environment interact

  • Discover why physiology and psychology are one

  • Understand how meditation changes your genetic expression

  • Learn how you can control your biology 

  • Osho Mandala Meditation 

Biohacking and Meditation

  • Discover the world of Quantified Self

  • Understand which bio-markers you can track

  • Learn about tracking devices available (Head Band, HRV, Oura Ring, Blood Glucose)

  • Learn how to measure your meditation progress

  • Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation