Meditation for Optimal Health

Meditation for Optimal Health


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Lifestyle is the root cause of the vast majority of health issues people experience nowadays. Your health depends on the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the environment you live in, and how you cope with stress.

Module 1 covers the three pillars of health: stress, nutrition and sleep. You will learn where you stand in the optimal health scale and how to apply practical strategies in your life to naturally achieve health and happiness. 

And for each topic you will learn an Osho Active Meditation technique which addresses that particular lifestyle intervention.

Stress - it is not your enemy

  • Learn the mechanism of stress activation

  • Understand why stress is not your enemy

  • Learn how stress affects your health

  • Discover how to cope with stress

  • Osho Dynamic Meditation 

Nutrition - food is medicine

  • Understand that food is not just fuel for your body

  • Discover how the food industry has dramatically changed the nutrition landscape

  • Learn the difference between real food and fake food

  • Understand the difference between nutrition and diet

  • Osho Fod Tantric Meditation 

Sleep - your brain needs it

  • Understand the modern sleeping crisis and its root cause

  • Learn what happens to the brain during sleep

  • Discover how much sleep you need 

  • Learn practical tools to improve your sleep 

  • Osho Nadabrahma Meditation