FREE Mega Dynamic Meditation

FREE Mega Dynamic Meditation



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Dynamic Meditation free of cost, because we love it and want to share it with London folks.

It is a very popular event - register here for full details. If you are already in our mailing list, let us know you are coming and you will receive details via email. 

If you have never tried Dynamic Meditation, forget about trying to achieve silence without noise, stillness without movement and celebration with no energy.

Those who know this method, come and share your energy. Le't's make the whole London jump of ecstasy!

Share this gift with your friends - it's absolutely free.

No experience needed. First come first served basis, LIMITED SPACE



What to bring:

  • Dynamic needs to be done on an empty stomach (no breakfast, ok tea/coffee)  

  • Wear loose clothes 

  • Bring a blindfold

DISCLAIMER: some picts and short videos will be taken. By participating, you consent to it.