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Love Knows No Time And Space

Yes, Love Osho moves to Singapore. And wherever we go we will bring Osho with us. We are with Osho and HE comes with us, no matter what and where. All we want to do is to open our heart to Osho, let him pour his infinite grace, love and compassion into us and then share it wherever we are and whatever we do.

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Why NOT To Sleep When Listening To Osho

Listening to Osho can be the most exquisite meditative experience of your life but it can also turn into a total waste of time. Millions of people have been deeply touched by Osho, yet so many are fast asleep when listening to his talks. If you struggle with staying awake during an Osho’s video/audio talk, then this may be for you.

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Why NOT To Start Meditation With Mindfulness

For some people, mindfulness can be deleterious and trigger mental health problems. Osho suggests never to start meditation with a passive technique. Mindfulness is preparing the ground for Osho Active Meditations to take over, particularly Dynamic Meditation. But there is no need to wait for scientists and media to rave about Osho Active Meditations. See for yourself the difference!

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