Your Mind Can Lie, Not Your Body!

Non Verbal Communication

Humans are the most expressive animals on planet earth and body language is our universal language, our cross-cultural lingua franca. Unfortunately, we pay very little attention to it. Whilst communicating, we are in the habit of concentrating more on what is being said, rather on how is being said; and in doing so, we are missing out the true meaning. Nonverbal behaviours can reveal a person’s true thoughts, feeling and intentions and it comprises approximately 60 to 65% of all interpersonal communication.

Nonverbal communication is used much more than you might think. It is a specialised discipline and it is evidence based, widely adopted in business during selection of personnel; in psychology, to facilitate therapeutic interventions; in law enforcement, to support the identification of criminal offenders; and in a number of other fields including FBI investigations. All you have to do is learn how to decode this silent medium and observation is a skill that can be developed by anyone, with just a bit of practice. Remember: your body is your mind’s canvas.

So, how does nonverbal communication work?

When it comes to nonverbal behaviour, the limbic part of your brain plays the largest role. The limbic system is the emotional centre, responsible for your survival. It is the part of the brain which reacts to the world reflexively and instantaneously, without thoughts, thus providing true responses to information coming from the environment. This part of the brain has gained the definition of “honest brain”. The limbic responses manifested in the body, are hardwired in the nervous system and are difficult to disguise or eliminate. When you are emotionally aroused, it affects your ability to think effectively. Your cognitive abilities are hijacked so that the limbic brain can have full use of all available cerebral resources. On the contrary, the neocortex brain is the “lying brain”. The neocortex is the intellectual brain, capable of complex thoughts, hence it can consciously deceive.

Due to social conventions, people have learnt how to fake, mask and disguise their true intentions: we are all actors, to some extent. When we do not want or “cannot” show an emotion, the conscious brain tries to hide the limbic emotional response. This creates a conflict between body and mind, resulting in tensions, block of energy flow and a contradiction between the mind and the body. The mind can lie, not the body.

So how to bridge the gap between body and mind?

One of the main benefits of meditation is that it calms down the limbic system. The hardwired stress response to environmental stimuli, is slowly dis-engaged and de-potentiated. When you are relaxed, your body and mind are more aligned, in tune, cooperative and harmonious. 

Osho Active Meditation is the most effective set of techniques available today to bridge this gap because it works on multiple levels simultaneously: physical, mental and emotional. Ancient meditation techniques were designed when the division between body and mind was not so prominent, as people lived a simpler life. Nowadays, the discrepancy between body and mind has reached dangerous levels. Just sitting and watching the mind, does not always work; in fact, for emotionally aroused people, whose limbic system is overstimulated, it can be dangerous.

Today people need catharsis, expression, release of emotions, body movement and energy activation. The stress-response means that the body gets ready for action: emotions are potent phenomena which activate neurochemical changes in the body, including DNA expression and hormones’ production. During limbic activation, the bloodstream is flooded with chemicals which, if not used or expressed, end up stored as toxins in the muscles and tissues with detrimental effects on health.

So if you want to be healthy and happy you need to move your body, relax your mind, express your emotions and enhance your energy level. Osho advised lots of physical activity and emotional freedom. So get out there, run, jump, swim, be in nature and if you feel angry or frustrated take a pillow and beat it with force till you release all your pent-up negative emotions.