Wild Wild Story

WildWild Country - Osho

Osho is back on the main stage thanks to the release of Wild Wild Country, a documentary available on Netflix about the “Oregon saga”. Many stories have been told about this complex chapter in the history of the Osho neo-sannyas movement, but this one stands out for the amount of material used to pull it together. The directors went through thousand hours of video footages, and interviewed extensively some of the main protagonists of the events.

I “met” Osho through a book around 1996 and immediately I was struck. His words touched a chord deep inside me and I felt an inexplicable, irresistible and unstoppable pull towards this man. The Oregon stories came up almost every time I spoke to people about Osho: “Ah yes, the Sex Guru with the Roll Royce and the Rolex”; but interestingly that never shook my love for the man. Of course the mind likes to doubt and question. And many times I doubted and questioned: how to reconcile spirituality, love and meditation with murder attempts, assassination plots and bio-terrorist attacks?

I am thankful to the directors of Wild Wild Country for going through an enormous amount of material and present an emotionally charged story. What I like about the documentary is its aim to be as factual as possible. Inevitably every individual interviewed is telling his/her own story. An objective story is a contradiction in terms. Unfortunately, some crucial aspects of the saga have been deliberately left out. Nonetheless, some objective facts emerge from the shocking, captivating and outrageous series of events which unfolded in Oregon between 1981 and 1985.

I am not interested in analysing all the details of the story - that is a herculean effort out of my scope; rather I am interested in focusing on 3 main points:

1)    Osho comes out of this story absolutely clean and innocent.

2)    Rajeneeshpuram stands tall as the most impressive social experiment in the history of mankind.

3)    Osho is alive today more than ever. His message has touched and keeps touching millions of people across the globe.

Rajeneeshpuram’s collapse and the dark events surrounding it, which includes serious criminal activities perpetuated by some of Osho’s closest disciples, give moralists ground for condemnation. But the documentary shows facts, and facts are facts: Osho was not responsible in any shape or form for any criminal activity whatsoever. He himself opened the doors for a thorough FBI investigation which scrutinised thousands of recorded private conversations and could not find anything against him. Osho was the target of such investigation and eventually was forced to plead guilty on immigration ground. And by the way, he was previously granted a visa to stay legally in US territory. What a cosmic joke!

Osho is possibly the greatest Master ever walked on planet earth. And my hope is that by watching the documentary people will embrace his message and realise how we could live life. Look at the sannyasins in Rajeneeshpuram, their energy level, their smiles, their eyes full of life whilst working crazy hours building a city out of literally nothing. That is Osho’s message realised, that is how we could live in this world right now. Sannyasins took over a deserted, remote and lifeless part of the world and turned it into an explosion of colours, celebration and vitality. And Osho was there, silently pouring love and energy to fuel this incredible experiment. To me that is a miracle. Thousands of people pulling together talents, creativity, love and dedication in utter joy to build a place to live life in high energy and celebration.

We at Love Osho are all about Osho. In our experience if you remove Osho from the picture and only promote his techniques or bits of his teachings mixed up with other “more advanced” methods, the whole point is missed. Too many people, including some of his own sannyasins, have learned from Osho and use his teachings but hide his name for fear of controversy. If you Google “Osho” all sort of controversial stuff comes up and we were strongly advised by virtually everyone not to use the word Osho in our branding and marketing. We do not care about that; we care about Osho. It’s time for people to open their eyes and see Osho.

Despite all that, Osho’s message not only has survived the chaos but is spreading all over the world. We invite all Osho lovers and sannyasins to be sincere, outspoken and open about Osho. Eventually his message will be understood and we can play an active role in this. Love Osho and spread the love.