Why I’m wearing the Osho Mala


For me personally wearing the Osho Mala is a reminder of the choice I made to strive for a more conscious life. And I don’t want that choice to be just a good will exercise. I don’t want to miss out, yet again. I don’t want to fall back into the trap of the unconscious.

I am aware of the power of my unconscious mind, so I do need help to stay awake, to be reminded of my choice, and to go back to that decision. How to achieve that? Difficult, very difficult. Why? Because I’m surrounded by unconsciousness, everywhere, all the time, inside and outside. The “normal” everyday life is full of pitfalls. It’s a mine field of distractions. I’m constantly bombarded with stimuli that divert my energy and awareness outwards, never inwards. I’m trapped in my mind and I’m expected to be exactly like that.

Jumping out of the mind’s limitations is an arduous task per se. And in our modern consumeristic and digital era, it has never been so difficult. So yes, I do need help, any help I can get. And I feel fortunate to have come across a being who is awakened and has the compassion to help others. Osho, like all other Buddhas in the history of mankind, is here to remind me about what really counts.

Living a “conventional” life made up of daily office working hours, commuting on public transport, being stationary in a city surrounded by millions of people who do not even consider becoming more aware; makes it very challenging for me to stay focus on my path. If I were living in nature, possibly meeting regularly with other fellow travellers, having the support of a sangha and spiritual seekers, it would be much easier. In my life, at the moment, there is no physical contact with the Osho sangha. And I miss that tremendously!

Thankfully internet keeps me connected with fellow sannyasins and seekers. My soul is striving for that connection and it’s so nourishing. Digital technology is making that possible and even though I’m thousands of miles away from my spiritual companions, I do get the chance to feel their presence and support. I do feel Osho’s energy permeating my digital conversations with sannyasins, and I’m blessed.

So again, why am I wearing Osho Mala? Because it keeps me connected to the source. It reminds me not to drawn into the unconscious mind. In his early discourses Osho, spoke extensively about the meaning of the Mala and even mentioned some esoteric elements of it. I don’t know much about it, but I do feel.

Recently I spoke with Madhuri, a Western Osho disciple who met him in 1973. She recounted an episode of her and Osho. One day Osho asked her to go back to the West and she said “No”. So Osho gave her his own garments and told her to wear them every time she really needed to feel his presence, and he would be there. Madhuri said that even today, the magic still happens. And I know of many other cases when Osho would give his sannyasins personal objects with the same promise.

I never received a personal object directly from Osho, I missed him in the physical form, but I did get a Mala when I chose to jump and become his disciple. And to me that Mala is a bridge. It’s a daily anchor to help me stay afloat and don’t get lost in the darkness of the collective unconscious I’m surrounded by.

Meditation is the essence of Osho’s message. Nothing else really matters. Constant practice of awareness. And no object can help with that. No Mala, no picture, no ritual, no chanting names, nothing, absolutely nothing. Awareness is an individual effort, a solitary path and a very difficult one. But for me personally, having the chance to hold the Mala in my hands any time I need it, and looking at Osho’s eyes to feel his presence, it is of immense help.

It might be just my imagination but it works. I don’t know how it works, but it does. I’m not looking for rational explanations. I know it happens, and that’s enough for me.

Finally, wearing the Osho Mala gives me the chance to easily connect and meet other sannyasins and Osho lovers everywhere I go. In fact, sometimes it gets the attention of “random people” who feel drawn towards it.  And even inspires people to spark nourishing conversations about Osho.

The Mala for me is a device to fuel the inner flame of my awareness. Yes, it’s just an object; yet, not an ordinary one. It somehow keeps me connected to Osho’s energy at all times.