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The Osho global impact

Osho is diluted. His contribution is underestimated. Osho doesn’t care a bit. And in fact it doesn’t even matter, as long as people benefit and are transformed. But personally I care. I’m not Enlightened, I am a commoner, just a simple guy who enjoys meditation and is madly in love with Osho. So I can say it: Osho is of another league. Osho is an intellectual genius, a compassionate giant, and a beautiful man; and so much fun.

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How to walk out of a rotten past

It was the hardest time of my life. I got kicked me out of the flat. I was totally alone and broken. I had no friends, nobody seemed to understand what transformation I was going through. And there was no Osho centre in London to go to. Reflecting on it all today I think it was the most important time of my sannyas life - separating from the past. It was all a blessing. I came out totally transformed.

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