The Scandinavian Revolution

Meditate in Scandinavia

I have always deeply admired Scandinavian countries, and last year I chose Norway as the place where to celebrate my 10th love anniversary. On the back of that (wonderful) trip, I won a free holiday almost by accident, just by sending a picture to the agency that organised our holiday. Please note, my miss and I are no professional photographers and do not possess any high-tech equipment - the photo that won the competition was taken casually using my beloved’s IPhone.

I guess existence has listened to me and decided to be kind by satisfying my desire to explore Scandinavia. It is also a reminder that if you plant a seed in your unconscious mind and water it with strong desire, sincerity and persistence, eventually it will sprout and somehow materialise.

What I love about Scandinavia is its wild untouched nature, stunning scenarios, the peaceful way of living and the high standard of service; all reflection of a functional and stable social system, grounded in solid ethical values. And of course the long spring/summer days, a time where the sun never sets and the sky’s tonalities of blue change in slow motion contributing to the surreal atmosphere which pervades the air all around. 

My favourite amongst the Scandinavian countries is by far Norway. It’s hard to put into words the reason why I feel so attracted to Norway, but ultimately it comes down to vibes and energy. In Norway I feel at ease, I resonate with the people and the surrounding nature. I sense a feeling of familiarity and easiness where I can let go of the guard and soak up the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Norway is perhaps the most advanced democracy in the world and possibly its best example. Its education system and gender equality policies are at the top of the chart. The result is a population of self-conscious people who enjoy their country, traditions and natural resources.

Norwegian people are on average very beautiful, gifted by natural graciousness, as if displaying regal traits; and not just in their features and physiques but also in their manners. And that they are very fit, as a result of extensive outdoor activities.

Oslo was a total surprise! Rated third by tourist guides, lagging behind Stockholm and Copenhagen, for me it’s the number one Scandinavian capital. It is vibrant but not chaotic, exciting yet relaxed; it is surrounded by wild nature easily accessible; and it is throbbing with culture, making it an extremely enjoyable city.

The Nobel Peace Centre was the highlight. There you can find an interactive room with the faces of all the people who have been awarded with the Nobel Prize for Peace. A charged, emotional, inspiring and moving atmosphere where humanity, love, dedication and kindness form the substrate which underpins the message for unity and peace in the world.

Sound perfect, doesn’t it? Then allow me a general reflection.

Osho was not in favour of poverty. He dreamed of a world where people are materially wealthy because then spiritual transformation is somehow an inevitable consequence. Once humans realise the futility of material possessions by having lived them, then the jump into the spiritual realm is natural. The search for the transcendental is easier, once the material reality has been understood in its limitations.

In this sense Scandinavia seems to be at the top of the list for a radical spiritual transformation. It is the ideal candidate for leading a spiritual revolution which does not reject materialism and wealth, however recognises that true happiness resides elsewhere.

I have not lived in Scandinavia long enough to be able to deeply understand its culture and dynamics. Inevitably, like everything in life, there must be a dark side to it. If you know more about this, I would love to hear from you.

Or perhaps the Scandinavian spiritual revolution is on its way, about to explode and pave the way for a more meditative and peaceful world.