Thank you Osho for your sannyas

Osho Sangha

When for the first time I came across sannyasins, I caught myself thinking: “I will never take sannyas and join these weird people”. Well, it took me 10 years and many life experiences, but eventually it happened. Little did I know back then, that precisely Osho sannyasins would ultimately bring me home where I belong.

Over the years, I have crossed paths with so many beautiful sannyasins; black and white, crazy and quiet; some were physically close to Osho when he was in the body, others totally new and never met him in person. My journey with Osho has been coloured by their compassion, care, laughter, support and love for Osho. Sannyasins embody Osho’s vision and bring Osho to life today. 

Whilst the path of a meditator is a lonely journey, I realised that for me personally a spiritual Sangha is of immense help. Osho left his body, and his Sangha has taken different shapes and forms. The world has also moved on and so many more spiritual teachers have appeared, sometimes attracting Osho sannyasins. I do not belong to the category of people who require an alive Master, I belong to Osho and his sannyasins. I am with a Master who can no longer touch me physically, but let me tell you: he has touched me deeply and irrevocably!  

Osho is a tricky Master. He left no successor, he was against organised religions, he contradicted himself at every step of the way to ensure nobody is even tempted to build any dogma in his name. But he did leave us with his sannyas. “I will dissolve in my people”, Osho famously said. Personally, I had a taste of Osho through his sannyasins, without them even knowing it. Love flows and it just happens.

A year ago, Swaram and I moved to Singapore where we did not know anyone nor had any sannyasins to connect with. I experienced a huge inner vacuum, a black hole, a massive loss. I felt like a fish thrown out of the ocean. I realised that Sangha is as important to me as Osho himself.

Luckily Swaram decided to materialise his dream of the Love Osho Podcast. I was initially skeptical about this modern version of virtual online Sangha, but rather quickly I changed my mind. My life is again filled with juicy, funny, crazy, deep, intelligent and loving sannyasins. During each episode, I enjoy sitting quietly on the sofa and listening to the live recordings. Often I have to restrain myself from bursting into laughter, or let myself melt into tears. I feel the presence of the Master and gratitude for his sannyasins. I am deeply touched by each individual we interview.

The wave of Osho’s love seems to infect us all. Old and new sannyasins from all over the world get in touch with us to express their gratitude for connecting our Sangha via the Love Osho Podcast. It is clear that we all catch the Osho-love-wave and get nourished by it, whilst drinking from the same source of energy. I can honestly say I did not expect any of this. It’s a gift!

Sangham Saranam Gacchami. I bow down to the commune of the enlightened one.

Thank you, Osho, for your sannyas.