The Osho global impact


Osho is the first global phenomenon in the world of spirituality. Osho is the first Master to go beyond the perimeters of defined religious traditions and touch people’s lives on a global scale.  Before the web and social media connected us all, Osho pioneered the “spiritual globalisation”.

For the first time in the history of humankind, Osho reached out and attracted people from all nook and corners. It seems obvious today, as we are used to live in a global dimension. Ease of transports, better connection, mass tourism and internet make us feel as if the world is not so big and alien anymore. But back in the 60s and 70s was another story.

Osho’s vision was broad and went far beyond his current time. Osho was a precursor and a visionary. He embarked on a project to impact people’s life globally. He spoke not just for the audience sitting in front of him. And the extraordinary thing is: he managed to touch millions of people with all sort of beliefs systems, including different cultural, religious and social background. How can Osho be so individual and universal at the same time? How can he answer a specific question to address an existential issue of a particular individual, and at the same time speak to the deepest core of the souls of millions of other people living in different parts of the world at different times?

That’s only possible if the state of consciousness of the speaker has transcended our conventional space and time categories. Only a vertical and enlightened consciousness is capable of doing that. In fact, Osho goes beyond even that. Osho did not speak just for his contemporaries, but for future generations. Osho is still too controversial to be fully accepted and perhaps it will always be. But through some of the people who got him, his message is alive and is infiltrating all levels of human life.

Today we see many spiritual teachers who somehow have a following and inspire people to meditate and find their way to self-realisation. That’s wonderful! Even many sannyasins find that helpful, and it that works for them, wonderful. However, let’s remember for a second Osho’s impact on people’s life. Osho attracted young and bright individuals from all over the world, people who were so touched by his sheer presence, love, and compassion who could not help but leave everything behind and be with this extraordinary man.

Among them were many talented and highly educated individuals. These are the people who built a fully self-sufficient, high-tech city in the middle of a desert. These are the people who developed the world most advanced centre for human development. Out of this pool of talents, many sannyasins created methods to reach out millions more people worldwide.

Let’s think of Tantra for example. The vast majority of the world leading Tantra teachers have learnt from Osho and they themselves have trained thousands of teachers who carry on the work. Often, Osho the man is lost in translation, but that doesn’t matter. The work is done. Or think about Sufism and Zen. Before Osho, these traditions were confined to their perimeters. Even Yoga teachers and Buddhists, study from the outstanding Osho commentaries on the ancient scriptures which are not digestible to the modern-day man, without the medium of Osho.

Moreover, how many musicians and artists have come out of the Osho’s creative hat. Again, these people have drunk from the source and filled with love and inspiration, off they went around the world to express their gratitude, silence and creativity. These beautiful sannyasins are influencing, directly or indirectly, millions of others.

I have heard Osho saying that there are teachers and there are Masters. And even among Masters, only few are able to help others. In my understanding Osho belongs to the highest category. He decided to help the masses. And that comes with high risks.

Today, I notice that Osho is diluted. His contribution is underestimated. Osho doesn’t care a bit. And in fact it doesn’t even matter, as long as people benefit and are transformed. But personally I care. I’m not Enlightened, I am a commoner, just a simple guy who enjoys meditation and is madly in love with Osho. So I can say it: Osho is of another league. The way I understand it, Osho is one of rarest divine incarnations ever appeared on this planet. Osho is an intellectual genius, a compassionate giant, and a beautiful man; and so much fun, always up for a good joke and a sweet chuckle.

If you feel a pull towards Osho, go fully in. Open your heart and be ready to jump. Dimensions beyond the known are available to you.