OSHO Dynamic Meditation, don't be fooled!

OSHO Dynamic Meditation

When people think about OSHO Dynamic Meditation, they think of catharsis, letting go of frustrations, expressing repressed emotions, releasing anger and pent-up tensions. Yes, of course OSHO Dynamic Meditation is a wonderful outlet for all of that, but is that what is all about?

The sneezing relief approach to OSHO Dynamic Meditation

Dynamic Meditation is the most famous meditation technique devised by Osho. It has been practised by millions of people all over the world. It is arguably the most potent tool for inner transformation available today for the modern man. And exactly because of its popularity, it is the most misunderstood meditation ever. I was introduced to OSHO Dynamic Meditation in 1998 and I was told that it’s a method to do only once a month, when I would feel particularly overwhelmed and stressed. A sort of sneezing; something like “letting the steam out and release the pressure when it gets too high”. What a barbaric way to present the jewel in the crown of the most amazing spiritual Master of our time!

Don't listen to blind people, experience it for yourself

It took me a long time and many years of practice to start appreciating what this method has to offer. Now, when I hear people talking about OSHO Dynamic Meditation as if it’s a simple tension-relief-aid-kit, it makes me laugh. Only those who have never been through the deep and transformative process that OSHO Dynamic Meditation offers, can talk about this technique as a basic tension-relief-tool. This is such a superficial way to present OSHO Dynamic Meditation. In the early 1970s, Osho used to lead meditation camps and introduced to the world this revolutionary meditation technique. He said that through Dynamic Meditation you can have your first glimpse of satori. In other words, you can experience that which is beyond the perennial chitchat of the mind. What an opportunity! What a gift!

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is not for everyone

When I did OSHO Dynamic Meditation for the first time, I was so impressed by its effect that I just kept going on. I felt like a drug addict which needs its dose of daily bliss. At some point, I did OSHO Dynamic Meditation for 4 years continuously with no interruptions. It was a critical time and I really wanted a change. And OSHO Dynamic Meditation did that for me. Yes, it’s a demanding and intense technique and it’s not for everyone. Many people just want a bit of relaxation and nothing more. But if you want to shatter your defence mechanisms, open your heart, disrupt your habitual mind patterns, being shaken from your roots, go deep to the core of your being and come out a totally new person; then OSHO Dynamic Meditation is for you. OSHO Dynamic Meditation is not a conciliatory method. It’s not a pill to help you sleep better and relax on the surface. It’s a potent method for those who want to break free and wake up. If you are one of those rebellious spirits who is tired of the mainstream story that has been told you; if you want to open your eyes and see who you really are; if you want to drop all the conditionings being imposed upon you; then OSHO Dynamic Meditation is for you.

Catharsis is much more than releasing a bit of anger

Within the 5 stages of the OSHO Dynamic Meditation, you will find 10 minutes of catharsis. At this point you can express all your frustrations, repressed emotions, tensions, and unconscious conflicts. It’s a wonderful opportunity which we don’t have in normal life. But remember: Dynamic Meditation is not just about expressing a bit of anger. It’s an alchemical process of energy transformation. It’s about letting go of all that you carry inside and that does not belong to you. OSHO Dynamic Meditation gives you a chance to encounter your pure inner self, untouched by your mind and social conditionings. This is real transformation. Once you have a taste of the real you beyond the “constructed” you, then the work of Dynamic Meditation is done. Then you cannot go back. Then you want more of it. Then meditation has revealed its secret to you. Then the door is open. OSHO Dynamic Meditation is an invitation to cross the threshold of your mind to enter the dimension of the no-mind. There, the journey begins. Don’t make the mistake of stopping before even starting the journey.

If you are new to OSHO Dynamic Meditation, do it with intensity and totality. Do it for at least three months every day. Then you will feel transformed and then you will want to carry on, because you can see its potential. Even just after one single session you can feel like a new person. You open the eyes and the world looks a better place. That’s nice, enjoy it. But don’t stop there. There is more to come. If you are interested in meditation, then don’t miss your chance. You have the tool, use it.