Timeless Music for the Master

Satgita Osho.jpg

One fine day I asked myself a question: if it was the last hour of my life, what Osho meditation would I do? A very clear answer came: Osho Evening Meditation (formerly known as White Robe Brotherhood). Music, silence and Osho speaking is the best cocktail for my soul. I am absolutely in love with this meditation, especially when it is done with live music and in the company of many Osho lovers. Music in the sannyas world is such an inseparable part of the journey. Music makes us dance, sing, fall into silence, fly high, go deep inside, cry and laugh.

I love listening to recordings played live for Osho or watching Pune 1 singing workshops. I catch a certain vibe that transports me to another shore. And these days, it is still very much possible to join festivals, meditation retreats, communes, where original Osho musicians share their love and guide people from the peak of ecstasy to the valley of silence. I just love the wild and vibrant “Osho gang” that can rock the world and transmit the Osho juice.

There is one modern band that lit my fire a few years ago. I am a regular listener of Osho Radio, which showcases music composed by Osho musicians. To my great surprise the song was in Russian language and from the new generation of sannyasins. The tune, the words and the heart behind the singer was full of love for Osho, sannyas and meditation. The vibe was just the same as of those “seasoned” Osho musicians. I immediately reached out to the singer, Atmo Ravi, and made the connection.

The band is called Satgita, an absolute treasure inspired and created by Atmo Ravi – the musician and the song-writer behind this project.

Satgita can be listened to on Spotify, Youtube and directly on their website. Their recent album in English is delightful, although my favourite one is in Russian – “The Way of the White Clouds”. Every time I listen to the lyrics my hearts wide opens.

I am delighted to see Satgita touring around Russia and beyond. They also offer singing workshops, play at Evening Meeting Meditations, at Osho Festivals and much more. I wish them success and inspiration to produce more and more albums to connect our hearts virtually and physically. It is so beautiful to see a new generation of sannyains carrying on the Osho fire, and express their creativity fuelled by their love for the Master.

Music, creativity and love for the Master seem to be truly eternal and timeless, bridging generation gaps and geographical distances.

Enjoy listening!