Mega Dynamic Meditation In London

Dynamic Meditation London

What a burst of energy, what liberation and what a relief! Mega Dynamic Meditation in the heart of London. A free event to share with London folks what is perhaps the most valuable and precious gift left to humanity by Osho.

The Mega Dynamic Meditation is an idea launched by us at Love Osho in London with the intention of developing it into a mass phenomenon, which can spread like a virus and be replicated in all the major European capitals. London is a hub of new trends and the bridge between innovations from the USA and mainland Europe.

Our first Mega Dynamic Meditation event, offered free of cost, took place on Sunday, April 3rd 2016. Without particular effort, just via some simple social media promotion, a crowd of almost 50 people turned up on time, on a Sunday morning at 8.30am sharp for this exciting experiment. Many people had no previous experience of Dynamic Meditation.

After a brief introduction of Osho and the context in which Dynamic Meditation was born, we explained the five stages of the technique and off we went! At first some people, especially new comers, struggled a bit with the deep, fast and chaotic breathing; but that did not stop everyone in the room to let go completely during the second stage. The catharsis was powerful and total, the group energy supported those who were holding back and a torrent of emotions was expressed. Then the jumping, the shouting of the mantra “hoo-hoo-hoo” in unison and at the peak of energy STOP, no movement, no noise. Finally the celebration: delighted expressions painted on people’s faces, sinuous body movements twirling around the room filling the space with joy and gratitude.

Nowadays one of the most popular meditation techniques is Mindfulness. As all experienced meditators know, the "modern mindfulness’ is nothing but the millennia old Buddhist practice. Interestingly, Osho introduced Dynamic Meditation because the traditional techniques were not helpful for the majority of people living in the twenty-first century.

Nowadays the "poor modern man" is struggling with an unprecedented amount of stress. In a city like London, a typical day is dictated by an enormous amount of noise, images and sensory stimuli, which relentlessly stimulate the brain. People live in a state of constant hyper-vigilance, which is very different from the peaceful life during Buddha's time.

Many studies demonstrates the beneficial effects of meditation practices. Thanks to modern technology, sophisticated machineries are able to draw the map of the brain's activity during meditative states. For us at Love Osho, this is an exciting challenge: we aim to produce scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of Osho Active Meditations. Our intention is to make Dynamic Meditation the default technique for anyone approaching meditation for the first time.