Do You Really Need A Meditation Teacher?

Meditation Teacher vs Meditation Master

Meditation is a personal existential experience. It is an individual journey. It is a quest; a path to walk which can only be walked in aloneness. Nobody can give you the experience of meditation, nobody can walk the walk for you. So the question is: why do you need a meditation teacher?

Meditation Teacher And Meditation Master

First of all, let’s clarify a crucial point: a meditation teacher is very different from a meditation master. The teacher is one who knows the method, the meditation technique. He/She is an expert, meaning he/she has accumulated expertise by virtue of practice; the more practice, the more expertise. However, he/she has no experience of enlightenment, or total egolessness. The master is one who has achieved complete self-realisation. He/She has direct, personal, existential experience of oneness with the whole existence. A master can create meditation techniques, change old methods, devise new methods and can offer real transformation. To meet an authentic master is very rare.

So Why Do I Teach Meditation?

Personally I was very reluctant to become a meditation teacher. I thought that unless I had experienced self-realisation I would be fooling myself and others. But then I read Osho saying: “If you have the feeling that you enjoy sharing whatsoever you have understood, howsoever little it is – and no ego arises out of it... Let that be the criterion: if ego arises out of it, then you are not helping others, and you are destroying yourself meanwhile. If no ego arises – you simply feel peaceful and silent and happy that you shared something with somebody, a grace descends on you – then you are perfectly right. Share it, and you will get more. Give it, and you will get more.” For me teaching meditation is about sharing a wonderful gift, which I just cannot keep for myself. Osho Active Meditations have had such a powerful impact in my life and I know so many people who have been literally transformed by them, that I feel like a moral obligation to share these powerful tools for inner transformation. And the amazing thing is that by doing that, I benefit from it. There is a say which goes: “The best way to learn a thing,is to teach it.”

What You Really Need Is

So to answer the initial question: what you really need is not a meditation teacher, rather a meditation master who can give you real transformation. The meditation technique per se is simple and can be learnt by reading books, watching YouTube videos, or on social media. However, if you need a suitable place, a particular time, the support of a group of like-minded people and someone to answer your questions, then a meditation teacher is very helpful. Once you start your meditation journey, doubts and problems may arise; the path has many pitfalls and a meditation teacher who has been through the same can be of tremendous help.

How To Choose A Meditation Teacher?

To me, the only criterion to choose a meditation teacher is his/her personal experience, love for meditation and of course your own personal liking. The meditation instructions are simple; you do not need a teacher for that. But the experience of a meditator is very valuable. Just remember not to confuse a meditation teacher with a meditation master. Aim to practice meditation techniques devised by an authentic meditation master and if you cannot find a master to learn from directly, then choose a meditation teacher who has experience and can inspire and support you along the way.

The journey is yours, be courageous and enjoy it!