1 year of Love Osho Podcast, and the show goes on


Love Osho Podcast turns 1 year. And the great news is: the show goes on.

Many of you contacted us noticing that the podcast stopped at episode 52, asking for more. More is coming. We are with you, and equally miss the regular Tuesday appointment with the Love Osho Podcast

52 is the exact number of weeks comprising a full calendar year. We have consistently produced one episode per week for one year without fail. That’s quite something if you consider that we both have full time jobs, and went through a massive change relocating from London to Singapore.

During this year we have developed a deep connection with the magic of the Osho network of lovers which permeates every level of society in so many different parts of the world. And with a simple wifi broadband, we can keep the connection alive and feel Osho energy manifested in the ether, resonating in our heart, stronger than ever.

Friends, we miss that too. We took a break, due predominantly to work commitments, and we can’t wait to be back on track.

Now the plan is to publish a new episode every month, keeping Tuesday morning Singapore time as the release day. As you know plans are subject to changes and existence enjoys taking us in different directions. But for now we definitely want to carry on and aim to keep a consistent monthly schedule and release a new episode on the first Tuesday of each month.

For us, the Love Osho Podcast represents a source of inspiration, deep nourishment, discovery, exploration, and connection with authentic sannyasins whom otherwise we would have never “met”. At a time where the physical presence of the Master is no more, and living in a part of the world where there are no Osho lovers, the Love Osho Podcast is our medium to connect with Osho, and his energy field through the love of sincere disciples who carry on Osho’s legacy in all sort of forms.

During this year of podcasting, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response, and tons of encouragement. We started on an experimental basis without technical knowledge or previous experience; only driven by a strong desire to connect with Osho lovers, and give space to the “real” sannyasins. Those courageous people who gave everything up to be with the most controversial man of the century. And today they are happy to share what they have imbibed living with an Enlightened Master. In fact, a Master of Masters. A modern Buddha, whose impact has reached millions of people across the globe.  

The Love Osho Podcast is really a channel to express love and devotion for Osho. Osho the human being, Osho the mystic, Osho the spiritual Master, Osho the beyond, Osho the infinite mystery, Osho the inexplicable phenomenon of existence. And share what has been transmitted by the direct relationship between Master and disciple.

The Love Osho Podcast can be taken at different levels: as historical archive of first generation disciples; as an educational tool, learning more about Osho and the stories of the people who lived with him and/or learning from some of the leading authorities in their respective fields in human development; as an inspirational tool for self-development accessing the rich variety of programmes offered by sannyasins; as a way to connect with Osho and perhaps feel the call to jump into his energy field and become part of it.

The choice is yours. We just love doing it and we are so happy to hear that you love listening to it. If you know sannyasins who are sincerely with Osho in their heart today, please come forward. We would love to hear from you.

The next episode will be out on Tuesday 11 June. And after that, the first Tuesday of every month.

Tune in, open your heart and enjoy the show!