From London to Singapore


Love Osho was born in London out of our inner urge to meditate with fellow travellers and share Osho. We got together with a few friends and enjoyed silence, laughter and love for our Master. We are so happy that in just a few years, we have managed to grow into an active, juicy, and vibrant community of sannyasins and Osho lovers.

For many people, life in London means little time for personal development, no opportunity for relaxation, and no space for intimate heart-to-heart connection. The heart is a very powerful centre but also very fragile. In a harsh and competitive environment like London can be, people tend to operate on a defensive mode, protecting their soft and vulnerable part, and forgetting all about heart-to-heart connection.

We feel very fortunate and privileged that out of necessity to nourish our inner soft part, we were led to deepen the connection with our primary source of love: Osho. And magically it happened. Slowly, slowly, meditation after meditation, so many beautiful people started to arrive and we found ourselves surrounded by the most sincere, loving, and talented individuals we could ever imagine. Because of Osho, we crossed paths with all the closest friends we have now. Just by sharing what we truly love, we gained so much, beyond any expectations in terms of friendship and heart-to-heart connection.

Encouraged and supported by this wonderful community of friends and Osho lovers, we were inspired to reach out to a wider audience of non-sannyasins and people who were interested in meditation but not necessarily in Osho, or who never heard of him before. We felt the urge to present Osho in a modern way and to make him available to all those people who know something is not right in their lives but do not know how to fix it. Our aim was to find the way to communicate Osho’s vision in a way that could be received by individuals who are often sceptical and are used to operate from the mind centre.

It’s hard work! But we think that Osho is too valuable to just keep him for ourselves. And at some point, we realised that the best way to break through was by using his most famous and powerful tool: Dynamic Meditation. We dreamt of making Dynamic Meditation the most popular meditation in London. And from there, ignite the fire and spread it to all major capital cities in Europe. Imagine for a moment large groups of people gathering across the main squares of every city in the world doing Dynamic Meditation. What a dream!

It will happen. Osho was too ahead of his time and like all other geniuses, his approach will be understood by future generations. Somehow, we feel it is already happening and one day his revolutionary methods will be accepted by a larger audience. We believe that Dynamic Meditation will become the default technique for every person starting their journey with meditation and self-exploration.

After years of trial and error, it happened. Oh well, almost… we were not able to run Dynamic Meditation in Trafalgar Square but we are so happy that all our efforts have not been in vain. So many people came to breathe, release, jump, be silent and celebrate. Especially the Free Mega Dynamic Meditation was a blast attended by around 50 participants on average.  

And now, after many years, we are moving to Singapore. Of course, we are sad to leave the community we worked so hard to build, but at the same time we feel joyous. It does not matter if it is us who will do it or someone else. What matters is that it is happening. Our wonderful friends are keeping up the good work and have plans to expand the Osho activities in London, especially the Dynamic Meditation. Friends who are sincere Osho lovers and are very inspired to go deep into themselves and share with others all that Osho has to offer.

Yes, Love Osho moves to Singapore. And wherever we go we will bring Osho with us. We are with Osho and HE comes with us, no matter what and where. It has been our dream for many years to live in Asia, and now it’s happening. Asia has a different vibe, a more meditative vibe, it is more heart centred and we feel that our hearts can open up more easily in a softer environment.

All we want to do is to open our heart to Osho, let him pour his infinite grace, love and compassion into us and then share it wherever we are and whatever we do.

Thank you ALL for being in our lives!

Love Osho Team, Chetna & Swaram