Live Life Dynamically!

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Life is movement and movement is dynamic. Existence is in perpetual motion: from our internal processes within the body to the earth, all is in a constant dynamic state. I love Osho Dynamic Meditation, because it epitomises the search of stillness amidst action.

Backed by ever mounting scientific evidence, meditation has gained recognition as a potent remedy to the modern urban malaise, especially in big cities like London where people have to commute, work long hours, are in a chronic rush, hyper-active, in one word: stressed. Office life is unnatural: the body is not designed to be sedentary; the mind does not thrive glued to a screen all day. Clearly office workers and urban people need meditation, but I believe not just any meditation: people need Dynamic Meditation!

Dynamic Meditation brings together the benefits of a vigorous workout and mental relaxation. The two aspects are joined and cannot be addressed separately. Fitness and sport are certainly a powerful stress-relief tool. And static mindfulness can be helpful. However, one the one hand, sport without awareness is limited. And on the other hand, mindfulness needs to be brought in movement, in the action.

Dynamic Meditation helps to loosen up muscular tensions built up in the body; and it breaks mind patterns, which are normally stuck in repetitive thought pathways hard wired in our brain. Dynamic Meditation brings light to the subconscious programmes which control our minds, emotions and behaviours. So it is much more than just a way to energise your body, increase your VO2 max potential, enhance your stamina and relief stress via a physical exercise. At the same time, it is much more powerful than sitting silently trying to focus your mind. Through Dynamic Meditation, not only you bring the light of awareness into your subconscious but simultaneously you allow those buried emotions and unexpressed energies to be released. It is the complete tool-kit for modern urban individuals.

I hope to see Dynamic Meditation becoming the most practised meditation technique in the world. I dream of Dynamic Meditation boxes spread across London (and any other city in the world) where people can go and do Dynamic Meditation every time they need. I envisage a Dynamic Meditation room in every office, so that people can kick-start their working days full of energy and positivity. We dream of Dynamic Meditation red buses, floating around London as catalysts of light, turning violence into love, anger into compassion, stress into peace, anguish into bliss.

We have experienced first-hand the power of Dynamic Meditation and we want to bring it out there to the world. Join us and help us spread this wonderful meditation technique. We have full confidence in this method and once people have a taste of it, it will spread like fire. 

Come along and bring your candle, let’s spark the light and ignite the fire. Be part of the Dynamic Movement. Expand your consciousness, master your energy, and go beyond your limits with Osho Dynamic Meditation