Why NOT To Sleep When Listening To Osho

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Listening to Osho can be the most exquisite meditative experience of your life but it can also turn into a total waste of time. Millions of people have been deeply touched by Osho, yet so many go into deep sleep when listening to his talks. If you struggle with staying awake during an Osho’s video/audio talk, then this may be for you.

My Personal Struggle

I must confess that for a long time, I used to regularly fall asleep whilst meditating. I would swing between two opposite extremes: either my mind would rev up neurotically (and I would end my meditation session by walking away) or it would switch off completely (and I would end my meditation session by falling asleep). I just really struggled to find that sweet spot of relaxed awareness between a hyperactive mind and a state of dreaminess. Especially listening to an Osho video/audio talk was a tragicomic experience. It didn’t matter how much I wanted to complete a full discourse, I would inexorably fall into a sound sleep. No good will or determination would help me in my struggle against the dark shadow of unconsciousness.

Sleeping Is NOT Meditation

This may sound obvious but don’t take it for granted. Meditation is all about awakening. Buddha means “the awakened one”. Osho’s whole effort is to shake us from our deep existential sleep. According to Osho, we are asleep not just at night but also during the day. Sleeping is the polar opposite of meditation. If we are already asleep, what we need is not more sleep, rather more alertness. So if you fall asleep whilst meditating or listening to Osho, you are not alone, it’s a very common thing. But my advice is not to accept this as normal or inevitable telling yourself that somehow meditation still happens.

When Listening To Osho BE AWAKE

No doubts, Osho’s voice has a soporific effect. Its soothing action, makes it perhaps the most powerful sleeping pill available in the market (and it’s free). In addition, Osho’s way of speaking induces a sort of hypnosis which is very difficult for the mind to handle. In fact, I think that his aim is to trick the mind into boredom so that it’s possible for us to slip out of of it and experience a different state of consciousness. Our minds are used (addicted I should say) to stimuli. We have grown accustomed to be constantly stimulated, entertained, occupied, busy. Our attention span is very short; just few seconds and the mind needs yet again another content. So the moment Osho talks and everything slows down, the mind finds it difficult to handle. And people fall asleep. This is understandable and almost inevitable. But do not think it’s ok to sleep whilst Osho is talking, because you are missing out on one of the most profound meditation experience available to you.

What To Do If You Are Prone To Sleep?

Here are some tips which worked very well for me and that you might find helpful:

  • Before listening to Osho, move your body and raise your energy level. For example dance to the tune of your favourite music and go for it totally. It’s easier to meditate and stay awake when your energy is high. And if you are doing the Osho evening meditation, dance totally and don’t hold back.
  • Don’t lie down. If you know you are prone to sleepiness, sit straight or stand up. If you lie down, you are inviting sleep to come and it will be very difficult (almost impossible) to avoid falling asleep.
  • Tell yourself you want to stay awake. Your mind doesn’t like it and it will trick you in any possible way. The more awake you are, the less room for your mind. By planting the seed of awakening into your being, one day it will happen.
  • Just keep on meditating. Through meditation the mind loses its grip over you and then it will be easier to receive Osho’s love, grace and infinite compassion.

So if you fall asleep, do not feel bad. When it happens, just enjoy it. But my point is: don’t think that sleeping whilst listening to Osho is ok because you will miss out the real experience . Only by consciously listening to Osho in a relaxed state of awareness it’s possible to tune in to his consciousness. Osho is like the sun, always radiating light upon whosever is open to receive. Stay awake, open your heart and let the sun in.