Unknown Benefits Of Jumping

Dynamic Meditation Jumping

I was so happy to have come across a couple of recent articles talking about the great benefits of jumping. In fact, even Tony Robbins, the most famous motivational leader in the world, uses jumping before going on stage, and recommends the use of a trampoline for general health and happiness.

If you are familiar with us at Love Osho, you know already where I am heading. Dynamic Meditation designed by Osho, involves 10 minutes of continuous jumping on the spot. Personally, it is my favourite part of the meditation, and never fails to surprise me. I have always wondered how this miraculous jumping defies the law of gravity.

But why jumping is so good for you? Mounting research suggests that sitting is a risk factor for poor health and premature death. A modern say goes like this: “sitting is the new smoking”.  One powerful way to counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting is jumping. Scientific research shows that jumping is as good as running and less stressful on your joints. It appears that jumping provides better fitness benefits than running in terms of oxygen uptake, cardiovascular health, core strengthening, bone mineral density, mental health (more oxygen-rich blood flow in your brain), mitochondrial biogenesis, lymphatic circulation, and immune system.

In addition, jumping generates an electric charge called piezoelectricity, due to the polarisation of molecules under pressure. Fascinating studies on Masai Warriors and Whirling Dervish have found an increased level of piezoelectricity in their bodies. 

Furthermore, the jumping during Dynamic Meditation needs to be done with raised arms and whilst shouting the mantra “hoo”. This is a very powerful sounds which hits your core energy centre. The aim of the jumping is to awaken your dormant life force. The coordinated body movement, breathing and sound hammers that very centre to provoke your life energy to move upwards, defying the law of gravity. Osho says that without energy there is no chance for meditation and this is what Dynamic Meditation is designed to do.

From now on, do not be afraid of jumping. Have a break from your sitting position, jump and raise your energy level. Not only it improves your general health but it will help your meditation. Are you still sitting or are you ready to jump?