How To Rewire Your Brain

Rewire Brain Meditation

Neurogenesis (generation of new neurons) is the process via which the brain renew and upgrade itself. To increase neurogenesis is to improve the entire human’s life: how we think, feel and act.

Up until late 1990s neuroscience accepted as fact that the brain stops growing new brain cells by adulthood. Scientists have recently discovered that new neural pathways can be increased at any age, through appropriate stimulation; which means it is never too late to start meditating and upgrading your brain! Enhancing your brain connectivity also prevents the development of dementia and other neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer.

According to scientists these are the most important factors which stimulate neurogenesis:

  • aerobic exercise
  • emotional cleansing
  • silence
  • gratitude

All of these 4 points are included in the Osho Dynamic Meditation. And interestingly, scientists say that newly formed neurons take 3 to 4 weeks to mature. Osho recommends to do Dynamic Meditation for at least 21 days consecutively to allow the changes initiated by the technique to become long-term.   

I have heard someone saying: “Neuroscience is too important to be left to neuroscientists”. The time has arrived to demystify neuroscience and make studies available to the general public rather than buried in technical journals for specialists.

With the regular practice of meditation, measurable brain changes can be achieved, such as: increase grey matter in areas of the brain connected with empathy and decrease size of the amygdala (the part of the brain connected with fear, anxiety and stress response).

In addition, studies have demonstrated that a number of very important health biomarkers are improved through meditation:

  • Increased hippocampus size

  • Increased glucose metabolism

  • Increased cognitive performance

  • Increased memory

  • Lower stress hormones

  • Decreased depression

Osho Dynamic Meditation offers all the health benefits proven by modern scientific research on meditation. In addition, the latest publications on neurogenesis show that this particular method seems to be more comprehensive and advanced, as it works on all levels: body, emotions, mind, spirit.

So what are you waiting? Become healthier, happier and rewire your brain with Dynamic Meditation