How to raise your consciousness with coffee

Coffee Osho Meditation

Coffee is an emotionally charged topic. It is an extremely polarising subject. Even health professionals are split into supporters and denigrators. There is a huge and interminable debate around one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Is it good for you or not? What are its health benefits? And what are its negative effects? Studies after studies provide evidence to support both arguments, and we are far from reaching any final conclusion.

Are you a coffee lover?

The thing is: many people just love coffee. And I belong to that category, I’m a self-confessed hard-core coffee freak. Yes, I know that coffee can be addictive (and it is indeed) but is the coffee addiction so bad? Here is a coffee addict talking, so don’t quote me and don’t take me seriously.

The morning ritual

Chatting to other Osho meditators and coffee lovers, I noticed a recurrent pattern. I discovered that many old time meditators, I mean people who have practised thousands of hours of meditation, have a morning routine which consists of drinking coffee. Well that’s nothing extraordinary, you might say. But there is something different in the way these people explain their coffee ritual. It’s not simply ingesting a beverage. It’s almost something ceremonial, ritualistic, a mystical experience. An ordinary act shared by millions of fellow human beings, is transformed in something extraordinary. So where is the trick? What’s the magic in it?

The secret recipe

What makes drinking coffee for meditators so special is an added quality, which is missed by most people. It’s that secret spice that makes all the difference. It’s the recipe for total coffee enjoyment. It’s the element of awareness. It’s drinking the coffee in an ordinary way but being conscious. Sipping slowly and being present to the sensation of the body. Staying with the senses. Enjoying every little step. The preparation, the execution and the effect.

Execution with awareness

The morning coffee ritual is a step by step process which offers pleasure at any stage. From smelling the aroma and fragrance of the coffee beans when it hits the nose and travels straight to the brain, giving signal to release endorphins and dopamine. Then, loading the machine and carefully preparing the cup, which involves the tactile experience. From hearing the symphony of the moka when coffee has risen up. And then slowly pouring into the cup and looking at it in all its glorious splendour. And finally with utter consciousness and cool trepidation, the moment when the hot brew enters into contact with the lips. And the tongue, so sensitive and delicate, which searches for every little remain of liquid inside and outside of the mouth to ingest it all without any waste. And the feeling of the small sip travelling down to the stomach. And then again, you repeat the process all over till the last drop.

The coffee meditation experience

If you love coffee, this can be the most enjoyable meditation you have ever experienced. It’s a sensual experience. It’s about expansion of the sense. It’s about enjoying the pleasure of the sense and use that pleasure to raise the consciousness. Osho’s approach is life-affirmative. And meditation has to be fun and enjoyable. Meditation is not something serious, an imposition, a must-do thing. That would defeat the purpose and destroy the whole experience. Meditation is a quality, not an act. And what better chance to add the quality of meditation to what you enjoy most in life.

Coffee is just an example, an excuse, a trigger to enhance and expand your consciousness. It’s much easier to be present, aware and alive when doing something you love. If it’s coffee, welcome to my life. If it’s tea, make it your meditation. If it’s food, then go for it. If it’s sex, go go go. Whatever you enjoy doing in life, that will work for you. Just pick the one thing you really enjoy, that gives you the most pleasure and do it with full awareness. Try this experiment and your life will be more colourful, vivid and fun.