How to naturally improve your erection (no medication needed)

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If you have a satisfactory sex life, you are a healthy person. And I salute you. Unfortunately, lots of people do not enjoy their sexual life. And of course this has major negative consequences on the quality of their life. Here, I refer specifically to men and erectile dysfunction (ED). According to statistics, 52% of men over 40 suffer from this issue and even more worrying, 25% of young males report to be affected by ED. And it goes without saying that women suffer too. That’s not good!

Physiology of erection

From a physiological point of view, erection depends on good blood flow in the penis. And this can be disrupted by predominantly 2 factors: 1) development of micro plaques within the blood vessels which obstruct the blood flow; 2) nitric oxide deficiency. Nitric oxide is a gas that relaxes blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow and it is produced by the the inner part of arteries (endothelium). It is a well-known fact that physiology and psychology are deeply interrelated, so whatever happens in the mind affects the body and vice-versa. But for now, let’s stick to physiology.

The medical “solution”

The standard medical solution to ED, is drug therapy. As you might know, what drug therapy does (i.e. Viagra), is overriding the nitric oxide deficiency so that the blood flow can be temporarily restored. So essentially drugs force more blood into the penis but unfortunately this comes at a cost because every drug carries harmful side effects.

A new “natural” solution

More recently I have heard of a new therapy which claims to be “natural”. It is called GainsWave. It consists of local application of low level sound waves. GainsWave treats ED by breaking up the micro plaque in the blood vessels, increasing nitric oxide production, and stimulating the formation of new blood vessels (neo-vascularisation). This is certainly interesting and very promising but it doesn’t address the root cause of the issue. Why would the blood vessels become compromised? How come the cardio-vascular system becomes weak? What are real natural actions that people can take to treat ED and to ensure a healthy sex life in the long-term? And again it does not take into consideration the psychological aspect (i.e. stress).

Aim for authentic natural solutions

To treat male erectile dysfunction, from a physiological point of view, it’s crucial to have a healthy blood vessel functionality and a strong cardio-vascular system. So here is a list of fundamentals to help with that:

  • Diet - avoid sugar and processed food. Chronic high level blood sugar causes endothelium dysfunction and nitric oxide deficiency
  • Exercise - physical activity strengthens the vascular function
  • Cold exposure - it causes vasoconstriction, hence improving the cardiovascular system. It is a powerful internal gymnastic for your blood vessels
  • Reduce stress - erection is a parasympathetic phenomenon, so if you have a hyper-stimulated sympathetic nervous system, this cuts off blood flow to the penis. Also stress hormones can cause endothelium dysfunction

Mind/Body connection

As mentioned before, body and mind are strictly connected. In fact, we can say that body and mind are like two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, physiological condition can affect sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, erection starts in the brain with desire and men who suffer from ED enter into a cycle of depression and low energy.  So where to start, from the mind or the body? I personally believe that often it’s easier to address the physical aspect first, to kick-start a positive feedback loop which reinforce both the mind and the body. By strengthening the body via cold exposure, healthy nutrition and exercise, the mind will relax. Romans used to say: “Mens sana, in corpore sano” - a healthy mind in a healthy body. So with a strong and healthy body, your brain will give the right signal to the downstairs department.

Meditation for erectile dysfunction

Finally, here is a meditation technique which addresses both body and mind simultaneously. It’s a great way to reduce stress, relax the mind and improve blood flow in the penis. You might be surprise to hear this, but it has been clinically proven that humming increases nitric oxide by 25%. So my final tip is to practice OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation before going to sleep. Nadabrahma is a 1-hour meditation technique which includes 30 minutes of humming. It’s a natural and effective way to calm down the nervous system, improve sleep, and stimulate good blood circulation (by increasing nitric oxide in the blood vessels). So by practising OSHO Nadabrahma meditation, not only you can enjoy deep level of relaxation, but your sex life will be healthy and satisfactory.

Humans are the most privileged creatures on planet earth because we can enjoy sex for pleasure and not just as a biological act. If you are affected by erectile dysfunction, don’t miss out on this natural and free opportunity to have pleasure. No need to suffer unnecessarily. Enjoy sex, enjoy life.