Have you found your best healing holiday place yet?

Osho Kamalaya

I have been to so many places for retreats, meditation, healing and detoxing is search for relaxation and healing. If you are like me, a busy professional with limited time off, you must be wondering where to go to switch off, relax and recharge.

Nature is the number one priority for me, followed by meditative energy and clean, nutrient dense high quality food. It is not easy to find a place comprising it all. Thankfully, I came across such place: Kamalaya, in Koh Samui, Thailand. It’s not cheap, but the minute I arrived there I knew it was worth every penny. I absolutely loved it. The place is incredibly beautiful, and designed with awareness using very smart architecture to preserve and respect nature. There is so much privacy and silence: wherever you go, you find yourself surrounded by magnificent flowers, trees, sea, and ponds.

There are quite a number of meditation and yoga halls, which are magnificent. You can sit in silence and relax there at most times of the day. You can also enjoy a full schedule of meditation, Pilates and yoga classes every day, and many other practices like Chi Gong. Not to mention worldwide guest therapists and practitioners who visit regularly to offer all sort of healing sessions.

The food is absolutely delicious. I signed up for a detox package and was put on a vegan diet, which was cleverly designed, balanced, varied and easy to follow. I cannot believe how effective the detox programme was in such short time. In addition, I received a lot of treatments, benefitted from the steam room and infrared sauna, and enjoyed swimming in the pools (there are more than one, yes!) and in the sea.

The staff were the sweetest people I have ever come across in any hotel. Service in expensive places can often be intimidating and staff are noticeably forcing the smile and care. At Kamalaya, I felt genuine warmth and friendliness everyone. This is usually an indication that people are treated with love and respect.

At a dinner time, you can eat alone or join the community table. I ate on my own most meals as part of my meditation and engaged with other guests when I felt like it. Conversations were very enjoyable and friendly, many of the guys were returning customers coming from all over the world. Many therapists, best in their field, also joined the table to share their wisdom and joy.

The main attraction for me was something totally unexpected. Upon my arrival, I felt a very strong spiritual energy and my heart started dancing. I had no expectation of any energy experience because it is normally not possible to combine 5* standard with love and devotion. So I thought. After dinner I went for a walk and immediately was led by my feet to the temple of Babaji. The buddhafield energy was tangible and very healing. I spent most mornings listening to devotional mantras chanted by devotees. What a beautiful gift!

I later discovered that Kamalaya was built around spiritual temples. And a cave was once used as a place of meditation and spiritual retreats by a lineage of Buddhist monks. Moreover, the place was founded by a beautiful couple: John, an ex-monk devoted to BabaJi (www.haidakhanbabaji.com), who spent 16 years living under the tutelage of a Himalayan yogi master; and his wife Karina, who has twenty-two years of experience in the study and practice of diverse Asian healing and spiritual traditions.

What they have created together has truly touched me. The scale of their vision is wide and enriching. Kamalya offers total healing for body, mind and soul. Nature, detoxifying food, spiritual energy, comfort, love and friendliness. What an incredible combination, all in one place.  

I wish all my friends and Osho lovers chose this place for holiday at least once in their life. I will certainly go back and look forward to meeting you there!