3 Ways To Improve Your Brain's Health

Brain's Health

The brain is arguably the most important organ in your body. It is the maestro of the orchestra which directs every single function of your body. Alarmingly, the number of people affected by dementia and brain related conditions is dramatically increasing. And the trouble is: at the moment there is no known cure to treat or completely reverse brain’s damage.

Prevention is key                             

Dementia does not happen from one day to another. It is a long-term process, a life-long cascade of symptoms which starts early in life till it develops into full scale expression. For this reason, brain’s health is possibly the most important aspect of your overall health which needs early intervention and prevention.

The brain is a mystery

Scientists don’t fully understand the mechanism of brain’s diseases. In fact, the brain itself is still a mysterious and elusive object. 90% of what we know today about Alzheimer has been discovered in the last 15 years. And this increased focus on brain’s health, is directly proportional to the increased number of people affected by brain’s conditions. Logically there must be something in the way we live today which is detrimental to our brain.

For now try this

Whilst medical experts and neuroscientists struggle to understand more about the brain, there are few practical steps you can take immediately which are proven to be helpful:

  • Nutrition – evidence shows that sugar, processed food and chemicals found in food are responsible for brain’s damage. So aim to eat organic, fresh, locally produced food and avoid processed food.
  • Physical activity – this is the most effective way to stimulate the production of BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor), a protein which is essential to maintain healthy neurons and creating new ones.
  • Meditation – research shows that meditation has an amazing variety of neurological benefits like: increased overall grey matter, increased hippocampus and decreased amygdala among others).

The benefits of Osho Active Meditations for mental health

Multiple studies demonstrate that meditation stimulates neurogenesis (the production of new cells in the brain). But even more significant than that, meditation enhances the energy level or bio-electricity which fuels all body’s processes. Amidst the various meditation techniques available nowadays, Osho Active Meditations stand out as the only approach which particularly focuses on specific activities to awaken the dormant pool of energy which we all carry within, albeit in a potential stage. For example, if you are familiar with Dynamic Meditation, you may have experienced the power of the third stage. So many people report to feel an upsurge of energy travelling through the spine all the way up to the brain. And in the silent stage, it is very common to feel the awakened energy moving inside the body, especially the brain. Many people report feeling electric current in their hands, head and other parts of their bodies. More research is needed to fully understand what this is and how it works. Scientists will find out one day.

Dynamic Meditation is energy medicine

I believe that this enhanced level of energy in the brain can help maintain a healthy brain. It is a form of energy medicine and a powerful strategy for preventative health. Of course it’s not possible to make any medical statement and jump to any conclusion without research and scientific evidence. But my intuition is that if mental disease is an energy crisis – as experts define it – then enhancing energy level in the brain through Dynamic Meditation can only be a good thing. I am convinced that one day, as science progresses and more studies will be carried out on Osho Active Meditations, we may find out very interesting facts.

For now, there is no need to wait for the scientists’ endorsement. Do Dynamic Meditation, enjoy its benefits and feel what it does to your body and mind. You may find that your brain will start functioning at full capacity: sharp, clear and healthy!