First of its kind Meditation Studio opening in Singapore

Osho Meditations Singapore

At Love Osho we had a dream, many dreams if I am entirely honest, but one was a dream we were aiming for. We wanted to see OSHO Dynamic Meditation becoming the most popular meditation in London. We also dreamt of a meditation studio because we know how important is to meditate in a place dedicated exclusively to meditation. Osho says: "A meditator needs no personal guidance. A meditator, on the contrary, needs only one thing: the atmosphere of meditation. “                                             

Turns out life is better than a dream. Out of the blue, three months after our arrival in Singapore, we were approached by a lady-entrepreneur, Christina, to conduct OSHO Active Meditations. We were totally overjoyed that somebody was not just welcoming OSHO Active Meditations (which are often too controversial for yoga studios) but in fact was opening the first meditation studio in the financial centre of Singapore. We loved the idea instantly and wholeheartedly agreed to contribute with our energy, experience and love for meditation to this new project called Space2B.

Having worked in the city of London in Tier 1 investment banks for the past 15 years, with people who shape the world’s economy, crush or save the markets, win or lose major deals that affect countries’ prosperities, and affect people’s pensions, I (Chetna) consider myself an insider. Many yoga and meditation teachers feel that if meditation enters the banking industry, governments and schools the world will become a better place. I would add that the world will become a safer and more peaceful place.

Nowadays, every financial centre in the world is equipped with gyms, yoga centres, wellness clinics, but not yet with dedicated meditation studios. We are delighted that Christina is taking this risk and pioneering this new concept in Singapore. Space2B is a full-time meditation studio for busy professionals who can enjoy a rich menu of various meditation programmes to help them relax, let go and quench their spiritual search. The concept is very simple and neutral – a space to be with a “great opportunity to squeeze in a meditation before you go to work, during your lunch break or before you go home after a long day of hard work.”

We just love the idea that a banker, before work, can turn up to do a morning OSHO Dynamic Meditation or after work shake off the stress and anxiety with OSHO Kundalini Meditation.  Meditation is very much needed today more than ever before. We all need to shut off from the outer world and find inner peace within ourselves, at least 1 hour per day. That inner space is refreshing, rejuvenating, nourishing and totally untouched by the troubles we face in our everyday life.

Space2B will offer various type of meditations rooted in different spiritual traditions to reach out to a wide range of personalities, tastes and individual preferences. We at Love Osho are very excited to open arms to those interested in OSHO Active Meditations. We are looking forward to helping create an oasis of meditation in Singapore.


Weekly OSHO Active Meditations:

Tuesday, 7:30am – 8:30am, Osho Dynamic Meditation

Thursday, 6:15pm – 7:15pm, Osho Kundalini Meditation

Monthly Love Osho Workshop:

Thursday, 26 July 19:30-21:30

Thursday, 30 August 19:30-21:30


2b Stanley Street, Singapore 086721