Why To End Osho Dynamic Meditation With Celebration

Osho Dynamic Meditation Celebration

The Osho Dynamic Meditation ends with dancing and celebration. Interestingly, the last stage of this outstanding meditation technique, was not originally there. Osho decided to introduce it noticing how people tend to end meditation on a serious note. The dancing and celebration of the Osho Dynamic Meditation’s fifth stage, are a beautiful reminder that meditation is not only about ourselves; it’s about sharing with others all the beauty we discover inside during meditation. Whenever you experience something beautiful, don’t hold on to it; Osho teaches us to let it go, share it and dance it off. 

The Subtle Trap Of The Spiritual Ego

Osho Dynamic Meditation is empowering. By practising this meditation technique, you will experience an incredible upsurge of energy. A subtle spiritual ego may grow inside, like a sense of being a great and advanced meditator. Enjoy it but don’t get attached to it. Dance and celebration are ways to break the ego-trip. In celebration you feel grateful to existence for all the gifts you received. Dancing in gratitude is a sobering reminder of our interdependent nature to avoid the trap of the spiritual ego.

How Does Gratitude Work?

Scientists and health professionals have recently dedicated lots of attention to gratitude. It has been proved in multiple studies that gratitude has beneficial effects in both healthy and non-healthy individuals. Evidence shows that just by keeping a grateful diary, writing gratitude letters, even if not addressed, or expressing gratitude towards others during the day, has a significant positive impact on the overall sense of wellbeing. But why is that? It seems that what makes gratitude work is not repeating mechanically positive affirmations; rather it’s reducing the amount of negative emotions. The trick is that if you focus on a positive emotion (i.e. gratitude), you cannot be feeling at the same time a negative emotion (i.e. envy).

The Alchemic Process Of The Osho Dynamic Meditation

So gratitude is normally understood as a positive emotion: being thankful. And by expressing gratitude, it’s possible to trick the mind into shifting focus from a negative emotion to a positive one. However, this seems to me like a form of subtle repression: what happens to those negative emotions? If negative emotions are neglected and not expressed, they can be become explosive forces inside. Osho Dynamic Meditation is an alchemic process of energy transformation: from anger to compassion, from hate to love, from misery to celebration. And it does that not by neglecting the negative in favour of the positive, rather by shifting the energy behinds those emotions. The energy that supports thoughts and emotions is the same. Energy is energy, but it can take various forms: anger and jealousy, or love and compassion.

“Celebration Is My Message” - Osho

The Osho Dynamic Meditation is Osho’s signature dish. It epitomises Osho’s approach to life and meditation. And there couldn’t be a more appropriate ending to what is his most famous and popular meditation technique. The Osho Dynamic Meditation’s celebration is about expression of life energy. It’s connecting with your heart centre and naturally a feeling of gratitude arises. Osho wants us to spread positive vibes, sow seeds of positivity, and make this world a more beautiful place than we found it. And by doing that, we will be enriched thousandfold.

Meditation Is Child Play

Children are natural meditators. They live very little in the mind and mostly in the present moment. They are not aware of it, yet they have the quality of authentic meditators. The dance and celebration of the Osho Dynamic Meditation is a way to regain that playfulness, that childlike innocence, that no-mind state we all experienced as children.

Osho Dynamic Meditation is a journey from the mind to the heart; from the heart to the being; and from the being to the beyond. Only when life is lived fully in all its dimensions, it’s possible to transcend and go beyond the limits of the mind. Only when the body is filled with energy, when every cell is buzzing and overflowing with life force, transcendence is possible. Normally we are as if trapped in the mind and we need something of a shock to jump out of it. Osho Dynamic Meditation does just that!