Dynamic Energy Meditation

Dynamic Energy Meditation

We live in very exciting times! More and more people are reshuffling their priorities and putting lifestyle on top of the pyramid. And lifestyle comprises physical activity (body) and meditation (mind). I can only be delighted to notice that meditation, predominantly in the form of mindfulness, has become mainstream and has penetrated even the corporate world.

Meditation is gaining recognition as the “medicine for the mind”. It is estimated that the vast majority of health issues today are stress related, meaning mind related. The modern stress is simply the result of a hyper-stimulated mind. Sounds, images, telephone, social media notifications, emails, advertisements; everyone is after our attention, usually requesting us to do something or buy something.

In addition to this enormously over-stimulated minds, our bodies are forgotten. We live the most sedentary lifestyle ever experienced in human history. We sit in cars or public transport to reach the office, we sit at a desk in front of a computer for hours, ending up the day exhausted on a sofa before laying down on the bed.  

This routine is catastrophic and seriously detrimental to our wellbeing. And this is the reason why fitness has gained so much traction in modern days. At the same time meditation has grown in popularity for its recognised and scientifically proven beneficial effects on the mind: it is a natural antidote to mental stress and overstimulation, which drain life energy.

What if you had a method which combines the benefits of both fitness and meditation acting simultaneously on both levels? What if you could have a meditation practice which starts from your body and involves movement and action, something your body is so desperate for.

Most meditations require you to sit silently for X amount of time. Before or after your 10h sitting daily routine, is sitting again what you really want? Your body/mind certainly does not need that. Health professionals say: “Sitting is the new smoking”.

Active Meditations designed by Osho are a powerful, effective and enjoyable way to raise your energy level, come back to the body and naturally release pressure from your burdened mind. You may have noticed in your own personal experience that you cannot impose relaxation onto you. Osho Meditations are a natural stress relief solution. They start from body movement to shake off tensions and allow your natural life energy to flow again. Tensions and stress create energetic blocks which impedes relaxation. Without this energy boost and body movement, it is very difficult to experience deep level of relaxation.

Beat stress, fatigue and brain fog caused by the endemic sedentary lifestyle with Osho Active Meditations. Discover your full energetic potential and claim your vitality back! Your body is meant to be strong, vigorous, fluid and energetic; your mind clear, sharp and focused.

Osho Active Meditations are the meditation for the modern man: healthy, active, relaxed and with a sharp mind. Try something new, your body/mind with thank you forever!