Can You Escape From Your Mind?

Mind Escape

If there is one single thing on this planet earth you cannot escape, that is yourself! And particularly your own mind. Mankind down the ages has tried all sort of remedies against this “curse”, but to no avail. You cannot avoid your thoughts. In fact, your mind is active even during your sleep and keeps “working”, producing content in form of dreams.

One interesting characteristic of the mind you can easily observe is its infallible methodology, its impeccable efficiency, its relentless persistency. And you may also have noticed how hard is to change your mental habits. Say you wake one morning and decide: “That is it: from tomorrow I am going to meditate every single day”.  And you really believe you can do it and you are convinced you will stick to your plan. And how many times you have to admit that, despite all your positive intentions, tomorrow never comes!

Let me tell you: there is nothing wrong with you, this is how all of us operate under the “law of the mind”. Thankfully we are very fortunate that, here and there, a Buddha has flourished and understood the very nature of the mind. Out of these few Enlightened people, even fewer have dedicated their lives to help other realised the same: how to master the mind, coming out of it altogether and find freedom from its tyranny. For most people, even the very idea of coming out of the mind is awkward, hard to even imagine: is there anything beyond the mind? Is not the mind the only reality, the only dimension in which we are confined to?

Those of you who know Osho, are even more fortunate because Osho is a contemporary Buddha, who has created devises to help the modern man, living in the modern world, facing modern challenges. Nowadays, the mind has acquired excessive power due to our modern lifestyle. Physical activity has decreased dramatically and conversely mental activity has increased to a level never seen before. This shift of power from the body to the mind, has strengthened and reinforced the mind’s circuits.  

Now you may feel like you are powerless and the mind has taken over completely; and you may have tried meditation, which promises to help you cope with the relentless thoughts’ activity; and finally you may have tried the traditional forms of meditations available mainstream.

When I personally went through that exact process, I grew even more frustrated and desperate. Following the traditional meditation techniques, I started watching my mind and it had the opposite effect: I felt as if I was trapped in my mind even more. Till I stumbled across Osho and his powerful Dynamic Meditation.

Dynamic Meditation is a potent technique which boosts your powerhouse of vital energy. It reinvigorates your body, cleans your emotional level allowing to release negative emotions and breaks the mind’s circuit. It creates a distance between you and your mind, it provides a space from where you can watch the mind and experience existentially that you are separate from it. This direct experience is your key to freedom, is the trampoline from where you can jump out of your mind.

If you know this method, you know what I am talking about. If you have never tried it, then give it a go and claim your freedom from the tyranny of the mind!