4 Ways To Change Bad Habits


To change habits is hard. Perhaps you know that eating too much is not ideal for your waist line, yet you can’t resist it. Perhaps you know that smoking is not helping your lungs, yet you can’t stop it. Perhaps you know that exercising is good for your health, but you can’t just make it happen. There are certain things in each of us that we find difficult to change, despite our best intentions. But no panic and be reassured: that’s normal. Habits by definition are hardwire actions built into our brain network over months and years, so no surprise if you struggle to drop them.

#1 - Don’t Feel Guilty

In addition to the harmful effect of unwanted habits, you are likely to feel guilty if you can’t stop doing something you know is not good for you. You will hear internal voices judging and condemning you for giving in yet again. It is a willpower struggle: your conscious mind is wanting to do something; but some unknown (and much more powerful) unconscious forces are taking you in the opposite direction. Experts say that the unconscious mind is 90% of our mind, so no surprise if your 10% conscious mind struggles to win the battle. However strong you think you are, chances are you will lose, eventually. So don’t feel bad about it, it’s normal.

#2 - Stop Fighting

According to Osho, meditation is not a willpower exercise. If you fight against yourself who is going to win? By forcing yourself not to do something, you are being violent towards a part of you. By imposing a certain behaviour on the sole basis of willpower, you set yourself up for failure. It’s like your right hand fighting against your left hand. Who is going to be the winner? Even if the right hand will bend the left hand, is that a real victory? Both hands belong to you and by suppressing a part of you, you are not going to benefit. You need both hands on your side and working for you in perfect harmony.

#3 – Release Accumulated Tensions

Years of internal fight have probably led you to exhaustion, if not depression. It’s very likely that you have accumulated tons of frustration, anger and negative emotions. That’s not good and most of all it’s not helpful! Often, even if you become aware of your internal mechanisms, you still feel bad. That’s probably because you never allowed yourself to express trapped negative energy and repressed emotions. By simply doing that, you will feel such an uplift, as if a huge burden is dropped off your shoulders. Far too many people think they can by-pass this step. We have accumulated so much stress and poison that unless we throw it out, we will not be able to sit in meditation and allow our consciousness to grow and become crystal clear. The cloud of frustration is too thick. Express first, then meditate.

#4 – Become More Conscious

Meditation is about becoming aware. By expanding your consciousness, you will see things more clearly, as if you bring light in a dark room and all of a sudden you can see what was hidden before. Armed with this new understanding, you will be able to naturally change your behaviour effortlessly. This is what is often missing. Once you really see, you can’t go back into blindness. Look within for what really is holding you back. Once you find it, the fight is over, the issue will melt like snow on a warm sunny day.

To change unwanted habits, may seem like a daunting task. And many people have given up hopes after years of internal struggle which drained their vital energy. But it doesn’t have to be so. One of the best advice I can you is to try OSHO Dynamic Meditation. It’s a very effective meditation technique to replenish your energy, release frustration and negative emotions, become more aware and finally stop fighting against yourself.

Habits are just habits. You can decide which habits are beneficial to you and which are dysfunctional. Don’t be a slave of your unwanted habits, life is too precious to be wasted in fighting against yourself. Live life to the fullest. Energise, express, enjoy!