about us

Love Osho is our contribution to existence, a gesture of gratitude and respect towards Osho and this wonderful world we live in

Osho has been love at first sight, since we came across one of his books at a very young age. Little we knew back then, that later in life we would be sharing his meditations.

Osho has filled our hearts with love and inspiration and has taught us how to tune in with the heartbeat of existence and flow with it.

We feel privileged to be offering the incredible tools for inner transformation that Osho left to humanity.




I have practised meditation for over 20 years and I am a certified Osho Active Meditation facilitator.

I hold a MA in Philosophy, a Diploma in Gestalt-Counselling, and I am a qualified journalist, a qualified school teacher and an independent blogger. I have worked for several years in Business Development in the City of London.

I have spent long periods in a number of different ashrams in India and Nepal where I have learnt and practised various types of meditation, with particular focus on Osho Active Meditation. 

Back to London, neuroscience and epigenetics intrigued me to the point that I have turned into a keen biohacker. I measure regularly the effect of meditation and lifestyle interventions (i.e. ketogenic diet) on my body/mind. I track blood glucose, HRV, ketones, sleeping patterns and brain waves via a combination of bio-feedback devices.

I love sharing Osho Active Meditation and inspire people bring meditation into their daily lives.




I started my meditation practice at the age of 16 and have combined it with my studies and work ever since. 

I hold a BA in Languages & Literature and a BA in Business and Finance. 

I have built my career in the City of London over the last 15 years, whilst never forgetting my meditation practice. I have taken part in hundreds of meditation retreats all over the world and have spent long periods of time in India and Nepal to deepen my own meditation practice. 

In addition to my regular investment banking job, I am a Body Control Pilates teacher and an experienced, certified meditation facilitator. I understand the obstacles to meditation faced by many office workers, who are bound to sedentary lifestyle. 

I am passionate about the body/mind connection and fascinated by the human body mechanism. 

I teach how to bring awareness to the body, combining meditation with body movement.