about meditation

Osho Active Meditation will change the way you think about meditation

Meditation is not about sitting crossed leg, pretending to be a Buddha statue. You may look like a Buddha, but that does not make you more meditative. With Osho Active Meditation you do not have to torture yourself and force your body and mind to be still. Forget about trying to achieve silence without expression, and relaxation without action.

Osho Active Meditation is high-intensity and high-energy meditation for modern people. It involves fast breathing, body movement, emotional expression, shaking and activation of energy. It can help you develop on multiple levels simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.  

With Osho Active Meditation you will

  • Energise your body

  • Express your emotions

  • De-excite your nervous system

  • Release bliss chemicals

  • Sleep deep and sound

  • Live life at your full potential