about meditation

OSHO Active Meditations will change the way you think about meditation.

We understand perfectly well the challenges to meditation faced by busy professionals. If you live a sedentary lifestyle and spend long working hours in an office staring at a computer screen, traditional meditation techniques may not be helpful. We have helped hundreds of professionals like you find inner peace, relaxation and emotional equilibrium with the method that works. 

The mind is a wonderful tool but it can get out of hand due to overstimulation and hyperactivity, which we know too well are required in our modern professions. Meditate with us in Singapore and learn how to use the mind and being untouched by the mind.

With OSHO Active Meditations you will

  • De-excite your nervous system

  • Energise your body

  • Express your emotions

  • Release bliss chemicals

  • Sleep deep and sound

  • Reach a state of peak-performance

  • Live life at your full potential 

  • Become a more conscious human being