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Your body needs movement, your mind needs relaxation

Osho Active Meditation combines the health benefits of physical activity and meditation

Ancient meditation techniques were not designed to deal with modern stress. If you tried ancient meditation techniques and failed, it is not your fault. You do not need to sit down and focus your mind. Get away from the endless loop of “loss of focus” of your wandering mind. Try a different approach: start from moving your body, activate your energy and the mind will relax effortlessly.

Osho Active Meditation is the answer to stress and sedentary lifestyle by addressing the challenges of the modern world: overstimulated mind and inactive body.

Experience all the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and physical activity and start enjoying your life a lot more.



discover how Osho Active Meditation can change your life


In Person

The best way to feel the power of Osho Active Meditation is in a group setting, to benefit from the group energy.

Very soon you will be able to continue your meditation practice at home and take away with you tools for life. Become healthy, energetic and happy, and enjoy life much more.


Not in London? Love Osho has devised an online Meditation Course.

You will learn invaluable Osho Active Meditation techniques and lifestyle interventions you can do anywhere and anytime. Become healthy, energetic and happy, and enjoy life much more.

Osho Active Meditation is for you, if you want to:

  • become a more conscious human being

  • find emotional equilibrium

  • enhance your energy level

  • become more positive, relaxed and happy

  • learn how to be extraordinarily ordinary 

  • live more in the present moment and enjoy life


energise, express, enjoy with osho active meditation

This was a wonderful meditation held by two of the most passionate souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The dynamic and energy of the group was incredible.
— Oliver Merrick
That was a very special, beautiful and memorable 3 days. Through you I have realised what I really need in my life to change the negative patterns blocking my energy. Your warmth and energy and ability to infuse in all of us your passion for meditation has been a huge eye opener for me. I cannot thank you enough for just coming into my life at this time.
— Jennifer Emson
I went to the free Sunday meditation class to try this group out. I had done Osho dynamic meditations before joining this group and I though that both Swaram and Dhyan Chetna did a great job. They are both very welcoming, friendly and they make you feel at home. They explain every part of the session in detail which is very helpful for people who have never done this type of meditation. They also create a very nice and positive atmostphere in the room and check on people during the session to make sure everyone is able to have a stress free session (i.e. they make sure that we don’t bump into each other). Overall this is a great group and I will be coming back. Thanks guys for facilitating and holding the space for this type of meditation, it is very needed in London!
— Amaya
My first experience with Osho Active Meditation was beautiful. . greeted with a hug and left with a hug... Swaram and Chetna put us at ease. . I will return .. thank you ☺
— Gerard Cassin
I am so grateful to two beautiful souls Swaram and Chetna. It was an amazing experience as always. It was full of energy and met with beautiful participants. Wish I can attend this every week. Love
— Tara Pathak
A great weekend retreat in a beautiful location with very welcoming people and lots of good healthy food. It was my first experience of meditation and I will definitely want to do it again. Felt energised and happy even on a grey Monday morning back in London! Thanks Swaram and Chetna and well done for organising it so well. Recommended!
— Matteo Sarno
Thank you for such a wonderful morning meditation. I really felt so much better afterwards. Beautiful
— Andrew Southern
Once again, I experienced a beautiful and amazing free Dynamic Meditation on Sunday. Thanks Chetna and Swaram for always being so warm and welcoming. You create a very positive and loving atmosphere which makes this meditation even more special and beautiful. It’s actually not a free meditation because instead of money one has to invest energy and gets more energy and love in return. Isn’t this a great deal? I also highly recommend other monthly Osho meditations organised by Chetna and Swaram. Regular meditation with Chetna, Swaram and a group of humble and genuine seekers has helped me explore my inner self at a much deeper level. Love you Chetna, Swaram and of course love you beloved master Osho. Hoo Hoo!
— Nitesh Shetty
Dynamic Energy Retreat an amazing experience where to feel is the most important. Feeling energy, love, alive.... The dynamic and energy of the group was incredible, beautiful people! Thank you so much Chetna and Swaram for organising this wonderful event. Much love!
— Estela Sahuqillo
Really fun – enjoyed it a lot. :) Will come again!
— Andreas Michael
Dynamic Energy Retreat was very well organized and full of warm, welcoming atmosphere. Suits well for meditation newcomers and for people who’ve meditated before. Chetna and Swaram are open and good retreat leaders and I can only warmly recommend them.
— Jenni Sainio
I found the mediation weekend so much fun. I really really enjoyed learning more tools & have fallen in love with the ‘no dimensions’. I was really inspired by both of your energy & commitment & as a couple. The sharing circles were also a lovely way to connect. I loved doing it in the fabulous space of the barn. Thank you
— Camilla Emson